Acrylic Love

I have been eyeballing oil paints and acrylic paints for years. Finally, I decided to go with acrylics and I could not be happier! These colors are so vibrant and the paint is so lush, so smooth… a pleasure to work with!


The reason for choosing acrylics over oils is simple; oil paint involves the use of solvents and since I have a cat wandering about here, I didn’t want to expose him to this. Acrylics can be diluted with water and cleaning my brushes is also with water (ok, and soap). So after extensive research, I landed upon buying the Golden Acrylic Modern Theory set for their high pigment, good lightfastness and for the lack of cadmium (which is toxic). I added one extra color: Burnt Umber, because I just love that brown.


Mixing these colors has been a pure joy! And I haven’t even mixed them all yet. With the set came a color chart. Looking at those colors, I still have to explore the greens and yellows more.
By adding white to acrylics, a whole new set of colors shows up, which I am in love with.

Another plus, my Mossery Sketchbook handles this paint very well. I couldn’t love the sketchbook, because I felt it dulled my watercolors. Some of my brush pens resulted in feathered lines (which I’m not a fan of) so I had a hard time loving this sketchbook. Gouache was ok, but wet media does make the paper buckle.
The paper handles the acrylic very well, so I’ll continue using this media in this sketchbook! Of course I won’t only just use them in my sketchbook. Some gessoed wooden boards are waiting for me.


And what better way to get to practice with new media, then painting some Herbology plants while listening to Harry Potter audiobooks?! A Hufflepuff’s delight!